Why It’s Important to Have Your Air Conditioning Coils Cleaned

There are some maintenance routines we don’t question, like getting your car’s oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or going to the dentist every 6 months. But do you really, really need to get your air conditioner’s coils cleaned like they say?

Air Conditioning Coils Cleaning

The answer is, absolutely yes. This article will explain why.

How AC coils work

An air conditioning system works through a heat transfer process – it doesn’t create its own cold air like a furnace creates warm air. This process requires two sets of coils. First, evaporator coils absorbs the heat and humidity inside your house. Then the condenser coils release that heat outside of the home. As you can see, the coils are some of the most important parts of your AC.

What happens when the AC coils become dirty?

When a layer of dirt, dust, or other debris covers the surface of the coils, the heat transfer process isn’t nearly as effective. In other words, it they can’t absorb as much heat because the dirt is in the way. If the coils become too dirty or the issue goes ignored for too long, the system can overheat and even break down.

Here’s what else happens when the coils are dirty.

  • The AC is forced to work harder
  • The unit can’t cool the inside space as effectively
  • There’s more wear and tear on parts
  • Cracks can develop in the coils, leading to refrigerant leak
  • The unit has a longer service life before needing a replacement

Professional AC maintenance

The good news is that AC coils can be easily cleaned by HVAC professionals. This isn’t a DYI project due to its complexity.

Your professional cooling team can recommend how often to clean your AC coils, depending on the age of your equipment, your AC usage, and the location of the unit (how exposed it is to potential contaminants). Overall, the cost of this maintenance service is much less than an emergency repair of a broken AC or installing a brand new unit.

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