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A furnace is a great thing to have, but home or business owners do not want to deal with a broken furnace. The experienced Robert B. Payne, Inc HVAC contractors are here to offer quality furnace installation and repair. In order to help you take good care of your furnace, we think it is important that you are aware of some of the more common problems that occur with furnaces.

The Technicians from Robert B. Payne, Inc. are very good and very professional

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“The Technicians from Robert B Payne are very good and very professional. They are thorough and also provide advice that helps the homeowner further maintain their heat pump systems. I am very thankful and appreciative for all they do and I look forward to dealing with them again in the future.”
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Fixing a Broken Furnace

In order to take care of a malfunctioning furnace, you first have to determine what the problem is. Common furnace problems include:

Expert Tips
- Robert B. P. Thompson
Regular furnace maintenance is key to avoiding unexpected breakdowns. Just like any other appliance, your furnace needs some TLC to keep it running smoothly. Schedule annual inspections and cleanings to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Don't forget to replace air filters regularly to prevent dust buildup and improve air quality. Additionally, keep an eye out for any unusual noises or smells coming from your furnace, as these could be signs of a potential problem. Remember, a well-maintained furnace will not only save you money on repairs but also keep your home cozy during the chilly Fredericksburg winters.
- Robert B. P. Thompson
  • Thermostat Problems: If your furnace is never working, the first thing that you should check is the thermostat. Instead of furnace repair, you might simply be in need of a new battery for your thermostat. If the battery is in working condition, then you might have a broken thermostat instead of a broken furnace
  • Mismatched Thermostat and Furnace: Your furnace should be paired with the right type of thermostat. The capacity and capability of your furnace will determine what type of thermostat you will need, so make sure that you take a close look at the owner’s manual to make sure everything matches correctly.
  • Electronic Ignition Problems: Open up the front of your furnace and start a call for heat so that you can determine what type of ignition system you have. If there is a slight flame that starts before igniting all of the main burners, then you have an intermittent ignition. If all of the main burners come on at the start of the ignition, then you have a direct ignition. Should you ever notice a problem with the ignition, give us a call rather than try to take care of the issue yourself.

Affordable Furnace Repair

It’s just a matter of time before your furnace breaks down. The wintry weather outdoors will seep inside, and you’ll want to run the furnace daily. Unfortunately, heavy use and a lack of maintenance could mean breakdowns. Don’t let that be the case, though.

Our expert service technicians are available to take your calls for affordable furnace repair today. We work diligently to diagnose a furnace issue, explain any solutions, and allow you to make the final decision on how best to move forward. You can trust the experts at Robert B. Payne, Inc to satisfy your furnace repair needs in a prompt manner. We don’t mess around when it comes to heating services. So, if it feels as if your furnace is always breaking down, schedule repairs with us today. At Robert B. Payne, Inc, we offer affordable, convenient services and great opportunities!

Emergency Repair

When any of these issues occur suddenly or rapidly, don’t wait to call the professionals. Robert B. Payne, Inc technicians would rather fix the issue immediately than wait for it to become even worse. If the emergency maintenance issue isn’t immediately visible, it could still be something that needs immediate attention. For emergency maintenance repair, our crew is the one to call.

Gas Furnace Repair

It seems as if your gas furnace always stops working on the coldest day of the year. Luckily, the HVAC pros at Robert B. Payne are ready to help in your time of need. Our technicians are highly skilled in gas furnace repair and undergo hours of training each year to keep up with changes in the industry. From faulty pilot lights to damaged wiring to broken thermocouples, you can rely on us to have the knowledge and experience needed to get your gas furnace working again in no time. For quick, courteous service, call the team at Robert B. Payne or fill out our online contact form.

Furnace Leaking Water

A furnace leaking water can be a worrisome issue for homeowners, potentially leading to damage and reduced heating efficiency. Understanding the causes and solutions for this problem is essential.

Common reasons for a furnace leaking water include:

  • Condensate Drain Issues: High-efficiency furnaces, like those recommended by Robert B. Payne Inc., produce condensation during operation. If the condensate drain line becomes clogged or disconnected, it can result in water leaks.
  • Clogged Drain Lines: Over time, debris and sludge can accumulate in the drain lines, causing blockages and water backup. Regular maintenance by our skilled technicians can prevent this issue.
  • Humidifier Problems: Furnace humidifiers, a feature we can expertly install, can malfunction, causing excess moisture buildup and leakage.
  • Heat Exchanger Cracks: While rare, cracks in the heat exchanger can allow water to escape and may require immediate attention. Robert B. Payne Inc. offers professional inspections to detect such issues.
  • Proper Installation: At Robert B. Payne Inc., we prioritize proper installation to prevent furnace problems, including leaks. Our qualified professionals ensure your system functions flawlessly.

If you notice your furnace leaking water, turn off the system and contact Robert B. Payne Inc. Our HVAC technicians can diagnose the issue, perform necessary repairs, and ensure your furnace operates efficiently and safely, restoring comfort to your home with our trusted brand.

How to Determine if A Furnace Needs To Be Repaired or Replaced

Unsure if you should repair or replace your furnace? Here is a handy formula that our trained technicians recommend: Age of System x Cost of Repair — if your total is OVER $4,000 it is time to replace and if your total is under $4,000 it is time to repair! After a while, the cost of repairs becomes more frequent and more expensive than replacing your furnace with a new, energy-efficient model. If you’re unsure of what to do, give us a call! We’ll send one of our professional technicians to take a look at your furnace and make a recommendation that fits you best. If you’re in Fredericksburg or the surrounding areas, call Robert B. Payne to take care of your furnace, whether it needs repairing or replacing.

Furnace Repair FAQs

How do I know if my furnace is working properly?

As a homeowner, you need to look out for the telltale signs that your installed heating system is working as efficiently as possible. A properly working furnace will offer the entire family or business some indoor comfort and peace. Of course, there are warning signs for when your furnace is not quite working how it should.

A properly working furnace will not be emitting any serious noise or smells, which are common warning signs. An overly old furnace may work properly, though there is a chance of parts wearing out after years of significant use.

To ensure your furnace is working well, the biggest sign to look for is even heating throughout the entire building. No room should be left forgotten by your heating system. The temperature should be the same, for the most part, throughout each room in the building.

What should I check prior to calling for furnace repair?

When your furnace is on the fritz, many people experience a level of discomfort that causes them to ignore everything else and call in the furnace repair specialists. Unfortunately, many home and business owners fail to perform a check prior to calling in the professional. While this pre-call check won’t fix the problem you are experiencing, it may provide the technician more information for an effective repair job.

To start, always check the thermostat in your building to ensure it is clearly on the ‘Heat’ setting. Believe it or not, this is a common mistake many people make. Next, make sure the temperature on your thermostat is higher than the indoor temperature at the time. If it is not, turn the thermostat up and wait a moment for the heat to kick on and warm the place.

Another significant check you should perform is on the filter itself. Your filter is vitally important to ensuring the heater works as efficiently as possible. You should change the filter once per month.

How often should I replace my furnace filter?

Numerous factors play into this question. For example, if you have animals in the home, your furnace filter may need to be changed more often. If there is a lot of dust, or someone smokes, or perhaps you simply enjoy keeping the heat on regularly, the filter will need to be changed more often.

For the most part, a good rule of thumb is to change the furnace filter once per month. This allows for a completely clean slate while running your heating system. A clean furnace filter will allow the furnace to run more efficiently. Over time, your filter will become filled with dust and particles from the air, which then trap even more particles as it builds up. With a dirty filter, the furnace needs to kick into high gear and run harder, consuming more energy over time. This, in turn, will run up your monthly energy bill.

What's causing my ductwork to pop when the furnace starts or stops?

You may be sitting at home or in the office when you start to hear a popping noise from the ductwork overhead. This can sometimes occur when your furnace kicks on or stops after heating the building thoroughly. The most common reason that popping noise occurs is due to the ducts not being able to handle the amount and speed of the airflow moving through them from the furnace or heating system. A qualified heating technician can explore your options and outline some solutions, which generally includes replacing the ducts and properly installing the ventilation system in your building.

Alternatively, your heating technician may decide to implement a crease or a bend in the long portion of the duct work. This is known as “breaking of the ductwork” and allows the ducts to remain stiff and strong. This increased strength allows for higher pressure and prevents popping.

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