A New User’s Guide to Home Heating Oil

heating oil delivery services Fredericksburg, VAIf your home is being heated by an appliance that takes heating oil, you might already have some clues as to how this fuel and the whole industry operates. Then again, you might not. Because there are often unanswered questions we get from customers on home heating oil, we decided to put together a blog post to cover some of the details. Consider this blog your New User’s Guide to HHO.

Home Heating Oil (HHO) Facts

  1. At the very root of this conversation is that of what home heating oil is used for. The answer is this: if you have a heating appliance within your home that uses fuel as a power source – this could be a furnace or a boiler for example – then you could utilize home heating oil. This fuel can be multipurpose, which means it is definitely a power source you can use at home.
  2. Generally, this fuel is less expensive than traditional fuel. Yep, that’s right…this is cheaper than motor fuel. This is just a fact of it being an industry fuel, even though the creation process is very nearly identical. Regardless, that means that you pay less for more when it comes to HHO.
  3. Home heating oil can come to your home in a delivery truck. This is usually a tanker truck, which is what we use for deliveries here at Robert B. Payne, Inc.. This type of transport makes it easy to bring fuel to you, whether it be at your home or business.
  4. Finally, it should be known that you can do research on home heating oil at any time. This is because the U.S. Department of Energy keeps statistics, data, and local prices of oil in your area. They make this data accessible to everyone via their website. Therefore, for any detailed questions, they are your go-to resource.

Already a User?

Whether you’re a new user or an existing user of home heating oil, this guide and the points we mentioned above are useful! We know this because these are the questions we answer every single day with our customers.

At Robert B. Payne, Inc., if we’re helping you switch to home heating oil for your appliances, ask us any questions you may have. We’re your resource: 540-373-5876