5 Myths about Your Furnace

Furnaces can be found in most of our homes all across the U.S. However, most homeowners don’t know too much about this useful appliance. We thought we’d debunk some of those notions and myths about furnaces that you may have; you’ll probably feel better about the truth rather than relying on the myth.

Five Myths

Myth: You should change your filters yearly. This myth is incorrect! You should change your furnace’s filters much more frequently than that. Changing them seasonally at least ensures that your furnace is in its best working order.

Myth: Furnaces aren’t efficient. This isn’t true either. Furnaces today can be purchased with a high energy efficiency rating. If you’re looking to upgrade, you can definitely get an efficient option.

Myth: Furnaces can last you up to 10 years. False! Surprisingly, these can last you up to 15 years. If you properly maintain your unit and have regular tune ups, your furnace can live long and prosper.

Myth: Furnace size doesn’t matter; it can heat whatever space it needs to. This is far from accurate. When your furnace is too small for your home, for example, it works twice as hard to do its job. This can lead to it needing replacing sooner rather than later.

Myth: Furnaces have only one setting: On. This isn’t correct. Furnaces don’t work in a single stage anymore. You can now purchase furnaces that are on and run at a high speed, run at half speed, or even run at a variable speed.

Whatever You Might Think, Know This…

Furnaces are great for your home and for making through the Fredericksburg winter! Ensure sure yours is up-to-date and ready for the long haul. Contact Robert B. Payne, Inc. now for a tune up: 540-373-5876.