4 Ways to Add Air Conditioning if Your Home Has a Boiler

While furnaces are more common today, boiler systems are still used to heat many homes. In fact, boilers have many advantages, including being more energy efficient and requiring less maintenance, in general.

However, one downside to owning a home with a boiler is the lack of ductwork for a central air conditioning system. In the past, that may have meant that you had no choice but to sweat it out in your home in the summer. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Here are a few options to add AC to your home with a boiler.

  • Ductless mini-split system

With a mini-split system, the entire air conditioner system is installed directly in the room you want to cool. An outdoor component is mounted on the exterior of the home, which is connected through the wall to an interior unit that distributes the cold air.

One of the biggest benefits of a mini-split system is the ability for zone cooling. That means each room with a unit can be set to a different temperature. So everyone in the house is comfortable and you can better control energy costs.

  • High-velocity air condition

A newer generation of central air, a high-velocity air conditioner features ducts that are much smaller than traditional ductwork. This technology is more suitable for old homes where there’s limited space behind walls.

The ducts are flexible – not rigid metal – so they’re easier to install in tight space and around structural elements. High-velocity ACs also run quieter and remove more humidity than traditional systems.

  • Attic air conditioning system

If your home has an attic with unused space, it may be the ideal location for a new AC system. Ducts will need to be installed to reach the rooms you want cooled.

Depending on your budget and available space behind the walls, you may not be able to service every room with an attic AC, but hopefully you can include the most important ones such as bedrooms, kitchen, and family room.

  • Window air conditioning units

We’re only going to briefly mention this type of air conditioner because they’re popular and widely available. These units are installed in the window opening and can cool a certain square footage of space. In reality, window units may work well in a pinch but they’re really not a good solution for your entire home because they’re noisy and not energy efficient if you use multiple units.

If you thought it was impossible to add air conditioning just because you have a boiler system, this article should be exciting news. You just need to figure out the right type of system for your house and needs.

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