3 Types of Noises Coming from Your Furnace – And What They Could Mean

Is your furnace making a strange noise? Not only can this be a giant nuisance in your home, but it’s usually a sign that there’s a mechanical issue.

Furnaces are complicated equipment, so if even one small part is faulty or out of place, it can eventually throw the entire system out of wack. So, a strange noise is your furnace’s way of saying, “HELP!” However, noises are all the same. In this article, we’ll translate what three common sounds often mean.

1. Rattling

A rattling noise coming from the inside the furnace is often an issue with the blower motor. Over time, the weights or clips that hold the component in place can become loose, or dirt can collect under the wheels. Any of these situations can cause the component to shift and become unbalanced, which can result in the rattling sound you hear.

If the rattling sound isn’t coming from the blower motor, it’s possible that a screw or piece of scrap metal is dislodged and is bouncing around the unit.

2. Clicking

Often, what homeowners describe as a clicking noise is the sound of the switches of the furnace’s control board flicking on and off. If there’s a problem with the furnace that is causing it to cycle too frequently, this clicking can become troublesome.

There are other explanations for a clicking furnace, including internal components that have shifted and are coming in contact with each other.

3. Squeaking or squealing

For a furnace to run effectively and efficiently, many components need to work smoothly with as little friction as possible. A high-pitched squeaking or squealing noise likely means that some small part – such as the bearings of the blower or induction motor – is wearing out. Any time metal is scraping against other metal, it’s not a good sign, and the problem will only get worse if not fixed.

Furnace repair in the Fredericksburg area

While it’s helpful to identify what type of sound your furnace is making, it’s only one clue to the puzzle. You can’t know for sure what’s going on until you look inside the unit. However, it’s not a good idea for most homeowners to open up and start poking around a gas furnace. The smarter and safer approach is bringing in the professionals at Robert B. Payne, Inc. We can diagnose the source of the strange noise and fix it so you can enjoy your furnace in peace. To schedule a service visit, send us a message or call at (540) 373-5876 today.