Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips

Heating & Air Conditioning MaintenanceKeeping your HVAC unit in the best possible condition will render huge dividends for you when the weather starts getting extremely hot. Being able to stay comfortable in your home regardless what the outside temperature is ideal. Knowing ways to keep your HVAC unit well-maintained during the summer can be helpful in accomplishing this goal.

 Change the Filter

One of the best things you can do for your HVAC unit to run efficiently is as simple as changing the filter. This is an easy task to do but is often the one most neglected by homeowners.

Experts recommend that you put in a new air filter at least every one to three months to help your unit operate its best and to help keep your energy costs down, as well.

 Clean the Outside Unit

You may neglect your HVAC unit that sits outside your home, but this is not a good idea. You will want to spend some time cleaning the grass and debris away from your unit for it to work as well as possible.

If your outside unit isn’t easy to get to and cleared out around it, this can cause it not to run as efficiently in the summer months. Spending just a few minutes on this project at the start of the season can assist you in accomplishing this chore with ease.

Let us Help!

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