Quick Tips and Tricks to Saving on Heating & Energy Costs

Your home is your oasis most of the time. It’s the place to wind down with your family, the place to have those epic game nights with couple friends, or even that place where you can take a bath for an hour or two while reading a great book. As such, it’s a place you probably find yourself spending a lot of time. With that in mind, you’re probably also keeping this oasis a comfortable temperature. So, we thought we’d use this blog post to help you keep your home at a cozy temperature without breaking the bank on your heating and energy costs. Let’s explain.

Five Tips To Savings

We often tell our customers to consider these five small adjustments to save on costs:

  1. Utilize the Sunlight – As the Spring comes our way, the sun will peek its head out more and more. Use this to your advantage. Make sure that you open up the curtains and let in the warmth when it’s available. This natural heating source may even allow you to turn your heating and cooling unit off completely.
  2. Change Filters Frequently – This small task makes for big changes. If you do this monthly, you ensure that your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work past a dirty filter of dirt and dust. Instead, it is able to work with clean air consistently.
  3. Check the Ventilation – When it comes to ventilation on the inside and outside of your home, make sure these vents are clear and clean of debris. Like the filter issue, with a clean HVAC system – completely – your allergies and your utilities will thank you.
  4. Have Duct Work Cleaned – Alright, one more note on a clean HVAC system. Get professionals to come in and clean the duct work of your home. They’ll be able to check for leaks while cleaning, which benefits you dramatically. Leaks can drain your pocketbook.
  5. Check and Fix House Seals – Your windows and doors have seals around them, and if those are old and worn down, the seals aren’t tight. This can mean drafty rooms and colder temps. Your HVAC system works twice as hard to do the same job when seals aren’t tight.

Change Isn’t Always Bad

Making these changes is a bad idea. They will instead help you dramatically save on your heating, cooling, and energy costs. You’ll regret not making these tiny adjustments sooner. For more tips and tricks, contact Robert B. Payne, Inc. at 540-373-5876.