How To Clean Air Conditioner Components Properly

Just like any mechanical system, an air conditioner works better when it has been properly cleaned and maintained. If you do not know how to clean air conditioner parts, you can give Robert B. Payne, Inc. a call. We are experts at cleaning and maintaining AC units.

Use Less Energy with a Clean Air Conditioner

To get professional results, there are other requirements besides knowing how to clean air conditioner components. The right tools and experience will also play important roles for people looking for an efficient end product. The basics of how we clean an indoor AC unit include:

  1. Turning off the power – Since working with live electricity is very dangerous, we turn off the power before beginning to clean.
  2. Replacing the filter – This is a relatively simple way to experience some improvement in performance.
  3. Opening the unit – We vacuum out dust and debris in the blower compartment.
  4. Checking for and killing any algae – Fungal or algae spores can lead to serious illness.
  5. Cleaning out the drain tube – Removing built-up debris significantly helps performance.

We provide air conditioning cleaning for outdoor units as well.

Schedule Your AC Cleaning Appointment

Our goal is to help prepare your air conditioner for the hot months so that it will perform as efficiently and safely as possible. If you would like to receive additional information concerning how to clean air conditioner units, or would like to schedule a professional cleaning for your system, contact Robert B. Payne, Inc. at 540-373-5876.