How Much Water Is My Humidifier Using?

As the drier winter weather starts rolling in, you may start to use a humidifier. One of the biggest questions we get at Robert B. Payne, Inc. is regarding water use and humidifiers. With water prices going through the roof, many customers are concerned about their water bill going up as they use their furnace throughout the winter. You don’t have to worry much about your water bill, and here is why!

Water Use & Humidifiers

The amount of water your humidifier uses depends on the brand and size of your home. A humidifier can use anywhere from 1.5 to 12 gallons of water per day when your furnace is in use. While this sounds like a significant amount of water, it actually is minimal compared to the typical water use in a home. You aren’t likely to notice a big increase in your water bill.

Water Efficiency

If you feel that there has been an increase in your water bill since your furnace has been on, you may want to get your system inspected by a professional. There may be an issue with your humidifier. It also may be that your humidifier needs to be replaced. Newer systems are much more water efficient and can use minimal water compared to older systems.

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