Why Is My Furnace Not Starting?

Furnace Repair ServiceWhen the temperature drops, that is often the time when your furnace decides to not start. At Robert B. Payne, Inc., we understand that being unable to warm your house is more than just a mere inconvenience, it can be a real health concern. Here is a simple guide on what you can do to check your furnace before calling for professional service. If you hit a snag, or need some assistance, don’t hesitate to call our office.

Check Your Thermostat

While it may seem common sense, you wouldn’t believe how many times we send out a technician only to find the thermostat has not been turned on. Make sure that your thermostat is turned to “heat” and attempt to turn the fan to “on” mode. Listen to hear if your fan turns on.

Check Your Power

Sometimes your furnace will trip a fuse, which will prevent it from turning on. Locate your circuit breaker and reset the panel. Check the cord near the furnace and check for damage. Check out the control board of your heating system and see if there are any indications of an electrical short or damage to the board itself. If this looks good, move on to the next step.

Check the Pilot Light

If the pilot light has gone out, it may need to be relit. Make sure that the flame reaches the bottom of the thermocouple switch. If the pilot light will not stay lit properly, your assembly or sensor could be dirty.

Check for Gas

If gas is not reaching your furnace properly, it can prevent your furnace from heating your home. If you smell gas, leave your home immediately. Call Robert B. Payne, Inc. for immediate emergency service.

If you have checked the following and still can’t find why your furnace is not starting, contact Robert B. Payne, Inc. today. Call 540-373-5876 to schedule an appointment with us.