What’s causing my ductwork to pop when the furnace starts or stops?

You may be sitting at home or in the office when you start to hear a popping noise from the ductwork overhead. This can sometimes occur when your furnace kicks on or stops after heating the building thoroughly. The most common reason for such a popping noise to occur is when the ducts are not quite able to handle the amount of airflow moving through them so swiftly from the furnace or heating system. A qualified heating technician can explore your options and detail a fix, which generally includes replacing the ducts and properly installing the ventilation system in your building.

Alternatively, your heating technician may decide to implement a crease or a bend in the long portion of the duct work. This is known as “breaking of the ductwork” and allows the ducts to remain stiff and strong. This increased strength allows for higher pressure to prevent popping.