How a Split Air Conditioner Can Help You Save Money at Home or at the Office

There are two major types of central air conditioning systems: packaged unit and split-system. A packaged air conditioning system includes a condenser, compressor, and evaporator all in one cabinet. These types of units often also include a natural gas furnace. A split-system, on the other hand, consists of only an outdoor A/C unit and an indoor coil – the indoor cabinet of the unit typically contains a furnace or the indoor part of a heat pump. If your home already has a furnace, but no A/C, a split-system is your most cost-effective option.

There are certainly benefits to both types of AC systems. However, a split-system air conditioner will benefit you financially for the following reasons:

  • Split air conditioners work more efficiently. Since you are heating the entire house at once, you do not need multiple air conditioners in each room all working on a constant basis. The split air conditioner can be connected to a thermostat which will turn the cooling system on and off when the temperature calls for it.  Split air conditioners cost less to run. This benefit follows from the first, but is worth specifically noting because a split air conditioner costs more as an initial purchase than a regular window type air conditioner. The unit itself is a two-part air conditioner that does not install the same way that a window type conditioner will. You may spend up to $300 for a window air conditioner; a split air conditioner can cost $3000 after the installation. Don’t be tempted by the cheaper up-front costs of a window AC unit. A split air conditioner will save you endless money on utility bills.

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