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Robert B. Payne, Inc. is wholly committed to providing the best air conditioning and heating service in Burr Hill, VA. We work with homeowners and local businesses seeking solutions. When it comes to today’s top HVAC systems, our team handles all your needs in one convenient appointment. Schedule today for solutions, never excuses!

The Technicians from Robert B. Payne, Inc. are very good and very professional

Rating Star
“The Technicians from Robert B Payne are very good and very professional. They are thorough and also provide advice that helps the homeowner further maintain their heat pump systems. I am very thankful and appreciative for all they do and I look forward to dealing with them again in the future.”
- Larry Brann

Services We Provide

Part of our commitment to your heating and cooling needs has led us to offer a broad range of services, including:

Why Choose Robert B. Payne, Inc.

An attention to detail and total customer satisfaction sets Robert B. Payne, Inc. apart from the competition. Our team goes above and beyond for your needs. In fact, when you give us a call, we send someone promptly to handle your issues. We’ll sit down and discuss you needs and craft a personalized plan moving forward!

Installation & Replacement

HVAC installation and replacement should always be performed by an expert. By investing in your system, you ensure top performance, an extended lifespan, and higher energy efficiency. Only Robert B. Payne, Inc. can guarantee such extensive benefits for your household or office!


Schedule regular maintenance for your HVAC system to keep everything running smoothly. Over time, the system will accumulate dirt and debris, the coils will seize, and parts will break down. Maintenance catches these issues early, before you spend too much on repairs.


One the hottest day of the year, you want a working air conditioning system. When your unit breaks down, prompt repairs are the only solution. Robert B. Payne, Inc. ensures your system receives the care and attention it needs most. We handle quick repairs and extensive solutions, too!

Water heater services

Along with providing expert HVAC services, Robert B. Payne is highly skilled in water heater services for customers in Burr Hill, VA. Our water heater services include repair, maintenance, troubleshooting, and installation. Whether you need the thermostat fixed, a tricky problem solved, a good cleaning, or an entirely new water heater unit, we’re here to help. Give us a call to discuss the best option(s) for your specific situation!

Heat pump installation

Heat pumps are an efficient means of heating (and cooling) homes, especially in moderate climates such as that in Burr Hill, VA. If you are in the market for a new heat pump, our team at Robert B. Payne is extremely knowledgeable on these efficient systems. We offer heat pump installation services at fair, affordable prices with complete customer satisfaction always guaranteed. Upgrade or repair your existing heat source with our heat pump installation services!

Boiler installation/repair service

Many of our customers in Burr Hill, VA depend on boiler systems for reliable heat. While boilers function well and typically require minimal maintenance, they can occasionally fall victim to issues. If you are in need of boiler repair services or need an entirely new unit installed, give Robert B. Payne a call. We will walk you through the best options for affordable repair and/or installation services for your boiler system with prompt service appointments so you aren’t left stuck in the cold!

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