The Pros and Cons of Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems

Are you considering investing in a mini-split air conditioning system? If so, you’ll want to research the pros and cons first. Luckily, we’ve done that here!


Mini-split air conditioning systems require only a very small hole to be drilled into the wall, which means less work when it comes to installation. Plus, they’ll be less vulnerable to air leakage. Mini-split AC systems are also less noisy, and they’re incredibly energy-efficient. In fact, it’s been estimated that, in the average house, you could stand to lose 25 percent or more of energy to ductwork. Yikes! If you do decide on a mini-split AC system, check to see if you qualify for a federal tax credit, too – another huge bonus.


There are essentially three major cons for homeowners considering mini-split AC systems. First, there’s upfront cost to think about – ductless units tend to cost several times more than window units or baseboard heating units. Next, there’s maintenance to consider. With mini-split systems, you will have to properly maintain your system by washing your unit’s filters on a monthly basis. This isn’t something you can skip – if you ignore maintenance and cleaning, you could be looking at some serious repairs. Lastly, one con that keeps homeowners from purchasing a mini-split system is simple aesthetics. They’re not exactly the most attractive options when it comes to air conditioning systems!

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