What Is the Process for Installing a New Air Conditioning System?

Even though it’s only February, it’s not too early to start thinking about summer heat and how you can prep your home for higher temperatures. If your air conditioning system needs to be replaced, now is the time to do it. The question is, what’s involved in the installation of a new AC system? Well, here are the main steps you can expect to occur when you hire a service to handle the installation.

  1. The company will help you choose the best AC system for your home. The decision can be difficult and needs to be based on the size of your house, the local climate, and your budget. The benefit of hiring a local company to help with the installation is that they’ll be able to provide knowledgeable recommendations.
  2. Your home will be protected. Installing an AC system can be messy, so sheets will probably be put over carpet and areas that might be affected. Workers will also probably wear protective coverings on their feet to reduce the impact on your floors.
  3. They’ll remove your old AC equipment. Although you could try doing this on your own, that’s probably not a good idea. The HVAC company can makes sure the disconnect is handled safely and efficiently.
  4. Now, the actual installation can begin. This will include setting up wiring, installing a new air handler or furnace, putting in a new thermostat, and more. Generally, this takes between four and 10 hours, depending on the circumstances.
  5. After the bulk of the installation is finished, the workers will instruct you on how to manage your new air conditioner, including how to set the thermostat and perform regular maintenance.
  6. Before leaving, the company will most likely run a second check to make sure everything is working properly.

The entire installation process should take less than a day, especially if you hire a trustworthy and efficient company like Robert B. Payne, Inc. in the Fredericksburg, Virginia, area. Their representatives will walk you through the process and provide excellent customer service. To request an estimate for AC repairs or an installation, call 540-373-5876 or use their online contact form at www.robertbpayne.com.