Prevent the Need for Frozen Pipe Repair

Water is a wonderful thing with one unique property: it expands as it freezes. While this may mean bigger ice cubes, it also means frozen pipe repair for many unfortunate homeowners. When hot water heaters are stored in the garage, basement or other unheated space, their piping is vulnerable to freezing temperatures. As the water freezes and expands, it puts tremendous pressure on those pipes, causing materials of all strengths to crack and break. Our Robert B. Payne, Inc. team can help you prevent a problem – and repair one when needed.

Problem Prevention

You can protect your piping and even save on utility bills with proper insulation. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, pipes that may be exposed to very cold air should be insulated to prevent freezing. Check with your local Fredericksburg pipe repair company regarding what kind of insulation may be best for your system.

The DOE also notes that, in addition to avoiding frozen pipe repair, insulating your water heater’s system can reduce heat loss and raise water temperatures by up to 4 degrees. Essentially, this means you can turn down the temperature on your heater. If your home uses a lot of hot water, or the fuel used to heat your tank is expensive, you may see a drastic change on your energy bill.

Problem Solving

If you do have an issue, it is important to call a frozen pipe repair company promptly. Our specialists at Robert B. Payne, Inc. can quickly resolve your issue so you can continue to enjoy hot showers and do laundry. Contact our team today at 540-373-5876.