Oil Tank Inspection Tips and Advice

Heating & AC Repair Service Locust Grove, VAIt’s important to maintain the condition of your heating oil storage tank. If it malfunctions then you could lose your home heating system. Summer is a great time for the annual inspection of your Fredericksburg oil tank.

In this article, Robert B Payne, Inc. shares some of the tips and advice for oil tank inspections that we’ve learned over the years.

Check for Leaks

To be prepared for your inspection on an above ground oil tank If your oil tank is above ground, periodically check for leaks. Look at the tank, fuel delivery and vent lines, valves, supply and return lines and all the fittings. If you notice any issues take proactive steps to have them repaired in a prompt fashion.

Below ground heating oil tanks are more difficult to inspect, but they too should be checked when possible. 

Check the Support System

Make sure that whatever your oil tank is resting on is in good shape, there are no signs of rust, that legs are stable, concrete is not cracking. If the tank is on an uneven surface of if the structure gives way, the oil tank can fall over and leak.

Purchase an Annual Service Plan

Go ahead and look into an annual service plan option that will save you throughout the year on all your home maintenance needs, including service to your heating oil tank. If properly mounted and maintained, your home heating oil storage tank will last you and your family for many year to come.

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