How to Maintain Your Indoor Air Quality During Allergy Season

Indoor air quality is important – the air we breathe plays a huge role in our overall health. The average person spends most of their time indoors, so it’s crucial that our homes and workplaces remain pollutant-free. There are many things that can contribute to poor air quality. On any given day, you could likely be breathing in mold and mildew growth, pet dander, dust, debris, and other airborne chemicals. During allergy season, in particular, it’s important to keep your air clean and free of pesky pollutants. You’re likely already sneezing and coughing enough as it is! Why add to the trouble? Here are some steps to take, if you want to clean up your air:

  • Don’t smoke indoors
  • Keep your stove well-ventilated
  • Vacuum and dust regularly
  • Use a dehumidifier

Here are two other helpful ways that you can improve your indoor air quality, right now:

Vacuum, dust, and clean your floors. Particularly if you have pets, keeping your floors as clean as possible is important. Pet dander can wreak havoc on our immune systems!

Use a floor mat. If you don’t have one already, you should place a large floor mat at the front entrance of your home. A door mat can help reduce the amount of pollutants and dirt that gets dragged in.

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