How to Reduce Your Oil to Gas Conversion Cost

Which is better, natural gas or oil? Gas offers many advantages over oil, but the cost of conversion can still prevent some homeowners from making the switch. If you have considered this transition, but put the idea on a back burner because of the cost, consider these oil to gas conversion cost savings ideas from Robert B. Payne, Inc.:

1. Start by Figuring out Your Savings

It may be easier for you to make this investment if you understand how much money you’ll be saving on your monthly heating bills with the conversion. In addition to comparing the costs of oil versus natural gas, factor in the savings in equipment wear and tear and the possibility of incentives for making the switch. You should also keep the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and oil leaks in mind.

2. Shop for Incentives

You may be able to access government grants and incentives to help you pay for this conversion. If you can qualify for some of these savings opportunities, then your conversion cost might be much less than you first estimated. Contact your utility company as well.

3. Time Your Conversion Right

If you complete this conversion when your outdated oil-heating system is due to be replaced, then those funds that would have gone toward a new oil system could be used for the natural gas conversion instead. You might also find that it is easier and faster to have the conversion completed if you are able to have the switch made when your neighbors are not having theirs done.

4. Check for Natural Gas Access in Your Area

If a natural gas line is already running through your community, then the oil to gas conversion cost may be less than you first estimated.

5. Work With an Experienced Company

There are specific techniques that must be used to complete this conversion effectively. Make sure that you are working with contractors who have the knowledge base necessary to do the job correctly.

With these tips, you can reduce your oil to gas conversion cost. Contact Robert B. Payne, Inc. at 540-373-5876 and begin to enjoy monthly savings on your heating bill.