How to Find the Best Geothermal Installer

Are you considering investing your money in a geothermal heating or cooling system? Excellent choice!

Both geothermal heating and cooling systems are big-time money and energy savers in the long run, particularly if you plan to be in your home for at least ten years or more. These systems have a much longer shelf life than their counterpart heating and cooling systems, they’re incredibly energy efficient, and (bonus!) you may even qualify for a 30% federal tax credit when you install a geothermal system in your home!

How do you find a top-notch, qualified installer who specializes in geothermal systems? Here’s how you do it:

Ensure that your geothermal specialist is IGSHPA certified. What’s IGSHPA? We’re glad you asked! IGSHPA is the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association – basically, the granddaddy of geothermal certification. If you want a quick, efficient way to determine whether the contractor in question is qualified to install your geothermal system, simply ask if they’ve acquired their IGSHPA certification.

Inquire about experience. You wouldn’t want a first-time contractor installing your geothermal system, would you? Make sure to ask about the given installer’s background and experience – the more experience they have, the better the installation will turn out.

Ask about testimonials or references. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential geothermal installer if they have references – installing a geothermal system in your home is a big decision, after all! References or online testimonials are an excellent tried-and-true way to garner an installer’s level of expertise.

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