How to Check HVAC Ducts for Leaks

Leaks in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts cost you money by increasing your heating and cooling bills. It’s important to check your Fredericksburg home for HVAC duct leaks. In this article, Robert B Payne, Inc. looks how how to check HVAC ducts for leaks.

Common Reasons For Leaks

Some leaks originate with poor installation, while others develop over time due to vibration and air movement. Getting to the ductwork in some homes is difficult or impossible for the average homeowner. But if your HVAC ducts are accessible, detecting leaks is fairly easy using a testing device you can buy at the nearest convenience store.

Common Symptoms of HVAC Duct Leaks

Common symptoms of leaky air ducts include:

  • Rooms that are hard to heat or cool – Since air ducts direct air around your home, a room that’s not cooling or heating properly could mean that the air ducts aren’t transporting air properly to the room.
  • Dusty rooms after turning on your AC – Dust, dirt and other contaminants get sucked into your air ducts when there are leaks. So whenever you turn on your AC, your leaky vents could be polluting your home.
  • Higher utility bills -If your air ducts can’t transport air properly around your home, your heating and cooling system has to work longer, which requires more energy and therefore more money.

If you have noticed these symptoms, you should check the air ducts that you have access to and get them sealed.

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