How Humidity Affects Your Air Conditioning

If you live in the Fredericksburg area, we don’t have to tell you that our summers can be hot. But the temperature is only half the story. The humidity can make it feel even hotter and muggier. So the question is, how you can make sure your home is as comfortable and efficient as possible?

What happens to your AC when the humidity level is high

As your central air conditioning cycles air through the system, it will remove humidity along with the warmer air. That’s the good news. But this only works if your unit is in good condition and the proper size for your home.

The bad news is that the high humidity forces your AC to work hard and longer to bring the home down to the desired level. This means it’s using extra energy, which will be reflected on your monthly electric bill. The additional runtime also puts more wear and tear on the air conditioner, increasing your chance of needing a repair or replacement sooner.

Plus, if the air conditioning isn’t working at peak performance and can’t remove the extra moisture, your space will feel warmer than it should. You may also notice foggy windows or damp smells around the house.

Does all that mean you have to suffer all summer long? Not the case.

How to maintain the proper humidity in your home

A general recommendation is to try to keep your home below 60% humidity. The best way to control the humidity level without taxing your air conditioner is by installing a dehumidifier system. This is an additional unit that works alongside your AC. It specializes in removing excess moisture from the air and allows the air conditioner to focus on what it does best – cooling. You stay comfortable and your HVAC unit runs more efficiently. It’s a win-win.

A compatible dehumidifier can usually be installed with your current air conditioner. However, if your AC is nearing the end of its service life, it may be smarter to install both units at the same time.

With summer quickly approaching, now’s the time to get your HVAC system ready. At Robert B. Payne, Inc., we have everything you need to stay comfortable in your home. For a consultation with one of our experienced technicians, call (540) 212-7894 or send us a message.