Furnaces: The Goldilocks of Appliances

Too cold? Maybe just right but spewing black soot? We at Robert B. Payne will make sure your furnace is just right! Learn more about three of the most common problems that you might run into when trying to get the Goldilocks of furnaces!

Furnaces: The Goldilocks of Appliances

Too Cold?

So you turned on your furnace – but you’re still cold! This is one of the most common problems we see – but don’t worry, our experts at Robert B Payne got you covered! Here are two of the most common issues:

  1. Your heating source could be broken – depending on whether you have a gas, oil or electric furnace, you will need to check the lines or call us to determine the cause. 
  2. You may have heat but no blower! Once your air has been heated – blower motors are responsible for propelling it towards you. The heating system itself may be working hard, but the heated air is stuck in limbo! 

Just Right but Soot-Filled?

So you turned on your furnace only to have your furnace turn on you! Heat is flowing but so is the dust.

  1. Your air filter may have run its course and need replacing. 
  2. There could be a leak in the duct system – which can be a serious issue. Go ahead and give us a call as soon as possible! 

No Air?

So you turned on your furnace – but no dice! Not even a peep from the old gal! This common problem has a couple easy solutions.

  1. Your power breaker could be the culprit – try resetting it! 
  2. Your thermostat could be broken. 
  3. Your wires might be crossed. Call Robert B Payne to make sure!

Whatever the issue is – a broken furnace can at the best of times be frustrating and the worst of times be dangerous. Give us a call at 540-373-5876, and we will have you toasty in no time!