Frequently Asked Questions About UV Light Air Purifiers

You’re washing your hands frequently and staying six feet away from other people out in public. So what else can do you to keep you and your family healthy? Perhaps you should look to improve the air quality in your home since that’s where we are spending the majority of our time these days.

Frequently Asked Questions About UV Light Air Purifiers

What is UV light?

UV light is short for ultraviolet light, which is part of the electromagnetic spectrum (along with other sources of light, radio waves, and X-rays). UV light is usually not visible to the human eye, and the most common source we experience is from the sun. In fact, exposure to UV light is what causes sunburn and sometimes skin cancer.

Is all UV light dangerous?

No. In fact, there are three types of UV light, based on the wavelength. UV-C is generally harmless to humans but this form of radiation can disrupt the DNA of microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. You may have heard of hospitals using UV light to kill pathogens and sanitize medical devices and other items.

How does UV light work in an air purifier?

There are many air purifiers available today. Some are standalone products that you plug into an outlet. There are also whole-house air purifiers that work with your HVAC system to clean all the air that is circulating through your home. In either case, the system pulls in untreated air, which is exposed to UV-3 light to eliminate the majority of bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

Do all air purifiers use UV light?

No. UV light is one type of technology that is used in air purifiers. The two main types of products are:

  • HEPA filtration – which uses a physical filter to catch impurities
  • Ionizer – which uses electronically charge ions to bond to and trap airborne contaminants

UV-3 light can be more effective at killing microorganisms than either of these methods alone, which is why it’s a good feature to look for when purchasing an air-purifying system.

Improving air quality in your home

If you want to as healthy in your home as possible, then investing in an indoor air quality system is a smart investment. Portable units that you buy at a store aren’t powerful or complete enough to offer the protection your home deserves.

Instead, talk to the Fredericksburg indoor air quality experts at Robert B. Payne, Inc. We can assess your home and recommend a solution based on your specific needs. To get started, schedule an appointment by contacting us or calling (540) 373-5876.