Energy Audits Reveal Surprises with Insulation

As a homeowner, you should know all about a home energy audit, which is a comprehensive assessment of the energy efficiency of your entire HVAC system. This audit determines where and how your house may be losing energy. The overall goal is to pinpoint exactly where too much energy is being consumed and how to ensure the home is more efficient overall. In the end, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars per year by fixing efficiency issues in the household.

Home Energy Audit

You can prepare for your very own home energy audit by gathering together all of the energy bills from the previous year. Expect to answer quite a few questions regarding your energy usage in the home, the occupants of the entire household, their ages, schedules, and comfort levels preferred. This information will all factor into helping you become more energy efficient down the line.

An energy audit will make use of sophisticated technology to find air leaks and discover heat gains and losses throughout the entire home. Your future utility bills may thank you.


Insulation was designed to prevent heat from escaping the home during the winter. The correct form of insulation will save your entire home energy. The most efficient form of insulation has been found to be blown in insulation, which manages to cover every crack and crevice within the attic.

When it comes to an energy audit, infrared thermal imaging can pinpoint the exact location where heat is escaping from the home. You can then use more insulation to fill in the gaps and prevent this from happening any further.

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