Differences Between an HVAC Professional and Other Contractors

To paraphrase a classic ghost-related movie, when your commercial heating or cooling system is on the fritz, who are you going to call?

Whether your business is in an office or retail setting, you want to create a comfortable environment for your customers and employees. When your HVAC system is not working properly, it can lead to fluctuating temperatures and higher energy bills. Sure, you could bring in a general maintenance worker or contractor to take a look at the issue, but is that your best choice?

Where most contractors fall short

Commercial HVAC systems are sophisticated and complex – even more so than residential heating and cooling equipment. A mechanical contractor or licensed plumber may understand the basics of installing a commercial HVAC system but they likely do not have the training or experience to provide reliable troubleshooting or repair service.   

Furthermore, since commercial HVAC isn’t their main focus, these general types of contractors may not have the appropriate equipment or parts for a complicated repair. Or, they may only be able to provide a “band-aid” fix, which can lead to another system failure and additional costs in the near future.

Advantages of using HVAC professionals

There’s a reason that when you have a complicated medical issue, you usually go to a specialist. An HVAC professional it that type of specialist for commercial heating and cooling issues. When evaluating a potential HVAC professional, be sure to ask about their training, credentials, and years of experience working with commercial heating and cooling systems. Other questions to ask include:

  • What type of equipment do you carry?
  • Are you certified by the equipment manufacturers?
  • What type of maintenance plans do you offer commercial customers?
  • Do you provide a warranty for service and repairs?
  • Do you have referrals from other businesses?

Commercial HVAC professionals in Fredericksburg, VA

At Robert B. Payne, Inc., we take great pride in helping Fredericksburg-area business with their heating and cooling needs. With extensive experience in commercial HVAC and convenient options like our planned maintenance agreements (PMAs), we can keep your systems running smoothly and act quickly when a problem arises.

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