How to Care for Your Furnace So You Can Save on Heating Repairs

Although you probably rarely give a second thought to your furnace, you should be paying a little more attention to the mechanism that heats your home every day. Just like any other part of your home, a furnace can break or overwork itself, which can cost you hundreds of dollars to repair. To save yourself a great deal of hassle and money, you should conduct regular maintenance on your furnace. Here are five important tasks that will keep your home cozy, even in the dead of winter.

  1. Check on the burner flames. Make sure the power switch is on, then crank the heat on your thermostat while watching the burner flames. They should be blue, not yellow, which can indicate dirty burners that need to be adjusted by a professional.
  2. Examine the drive belt. These can crack and fray, but luckily you can replace it on your own by purchasing a new belt from the store.
  3. Look to see if the flame sensor needs to be cleaned. Sometimes a layer of residue can coat the sensor, which makes it difficult for your furnace to light.
  4. Change the furnace filter every three months or less. The dirtier your filter is, the dirtier your air will be.
  5. Grab a vacuum and clean the blower blades. Be careful tackling this part; cleaning it unevenly could unbalance the blower and cause more problems. Gently clean the blades with a vacuum and a small brush. Try not to disturb the wires or counterweights.

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