Air Conditioning Efficiency Tips

Did you know that you can increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system and save money on energy bills? Read our guide to learn more about how you can make the most out of your AC unit and keep your home comfortable. By taking such steps, you also get to reduce AC repair frequency. Get all the information you need right here.

Air Conditioning Efficiency Tips

14 Tips to Boost Your AC Efficiency

Here are 14 tips to help you get the most out of your air conditioning system and keep it running efficiently:

1. Change The Air Filters

Air filters are designed to trap dirt and other airborne particles, ensuring that only clean air is circulated through the ducts. However, dirty filters can reduce airflow and make your AC unit work harder than it should. Therefore, check your filters every month and replace them when needed.

2. Close Up All Openings

One easy way to increase the efficiency of your AC system is to close up any openings around windows, doors, and other places where conditioned air can leak out. Sealing these gaps will help to keep the cool air inside and prevent it from escaping.

3. Utilize Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to reduce energy costs as they help to circulate the air in your home and make it feel cooler. Using ceiling fans and setting them to rotate clockwise, you can ensure that cool air is pushed downward and warm air is pulled up.

4. Clean And Unblock All Vents

When vents are blocked or covered, it can greatly reduce the efficiency of your AC system. Make sure to regularly check all vents in your home and ensure that they’re free from any obstructions. You should also take time to clean out the inside of each vent to help improve air circulation and prevent dirt buildup.

5. Clear The AC Drain Line

The AC drain line should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the condensation created by your unit doesn’t get backed up. An obstructed drain line can lead to water damage and costly repairs. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you clear out any debris or blockages in the line at least once a year.

6. Shut Doors And Windows When The System Is Running

When your AC system is running, make sure to keep all doors and windows shut. This will help to contain the cool air inside and prevent it from escaping. Additionally, if you have any attic or basement spaces that don’t need to be cooled, close them off while the system is in operation.

7. Locate The Thermostat Away From Heat Sources

If your thermostat is located near a heat source, such as a window or a light bulb, it will cause the AC system to work harder than necessary. Make sure that it’s placed in an area with consistent temperatures and away from any direct sunlight or other sources of heat.

8. Increase Thermostat Temperature

In summer, adjusting your thermostat by 5 to 8 degrees in the evening can help to reduce energy costs. For every degree that you raise your thermostat, you’ll save up on cooling costs. However, make sure not to turn it too high as this can cause discomfort in your home.

9. Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to set a schedule for when your AC should turn on and off. This way, you won’t have to worry about manually adjusting the temperature each time. It can also help reduce your energy bills as it will only run when needed.

10. Clean And Shade The Outdoor Unit

Your AC unit’s outdoor compressor and condenser should be cleaned and shaded to ensure optimal performance. Make sure you clear away any debris that has accumulated, such as leaves or dirt, and shade the unit from direct sunlight when possible. This will help to keep it cool and running smoothly.

11. Avoid Heat-Generating Appliances on a Hot Day

Using heat-generating appliances during a hot day can make your AC system work harder than necessary. This is because they spread heat all over your home. Therefore, try to avoid using any major heat-producing appliances such as an oven or hair dryer when it’s especially hot outside.

12. Invest in Window Coverings

Installing window coverings is a great way to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home. This will help to keep your home cooler, allowing you to lower the thermostat and save energy costs. Choose thick curtains or blinds for maximum efficiency.

13. Check And Insulate Ductwork

Do you have exposed ductwork in your home? If so, make sure to check it regularly and ensure that there are no leaks or major gaps. Adding insulation to the ductwork can help to reduce energy costs and keep cool air inside.

14. Set Up A Regular Maintenance Schedule

Finally, regular maintenance is essential for keeping your AC system running efficiently. Make sure to call a professional each year to inspect the system and replace any worn-out parts. This will help to ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable at all times.

Follow these tips for air conditioning efficiency and you’ll be able to reduce your energy bills and extend the lifespan of your AC unit. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy cooler temperatures without spending a fortune. 

In short, keeping your air conditioner efficient requires some effort on your part. Be sure to clean the drain line regularly, shut doors and windows when the system is running, locate the thermostat away from heat sources, increase the temperature during cooler hours of the day, upgrade to a programmable thermostat, and clean and shade the outdoor unit among others.

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