Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for Everyone

If you want to ensure that your AC unit continues to operate smoothly for years to come, properly maintaining your unit is crucial. This can help stave off repairs (helping save you money AND time), keep your AC unit running efficiently, and make your AC last much longer than it otherwise might. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of AC maintenance tips:

  • Check your filters regularly. Ideally, you should be changing/cleaning your filters at least once per month. It’s also a good idea to simply check them from time to time, to ensure that they’re not getting clogged.
  • Remove any debris that you see. Your AC unit should be clean from the inside out, so be sure to check it often, and clean away any debris that you see. You should even clear the area around the unit, to ensure optimal efficiency.
  • Clean your AC’s coils. The coils in your unit can get dirty, fast. This can prevent your unit from running properly, and even do some serious damage. Make sure that your air conditioning unit’s coils stay clean! Don’t forget that you can always call a professional to help with this.

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