3 Great Air Conditioning Options For Mobile Homes

If you have a mobile home and want to install an AC unit, you have more options than you may think. Many mobile homeowners start with window air conditioning; however, this approach could require several units to cool the entire home, proving to be costly and noisy. Other options for mobile homes include packaged air conditioning, central split-system air conditioning, and ductless air conditioning.

3 Great Air Conditioning Options For Mobile Homes

Let’s take a look at different air conditioning options for your mobile home.

Packaged air conditioning

One of the most popular mobile home air conditioning options is packaged air conditioning. Why? Packaged air conditioners are great because it’s all the components of a split system combined into one outside unit. Packaged AC units are outside, making a separate indoor unit unnecessary. Packaged units are popular for smaller mobile homes with limited space.

Central split-system air conditioning

Central split-system air conditioning is another popular choice for mobile homeowners, especially in residential areas. Central split systems use an indoor evaporator unit to absorb the heat in your home and a separate outdoor unit to release the heat outside. This type of AC is usually very cost-efficient. Plus, the unit works with an existing furnace and duct system, which many mobile homes already have.

Ductless air conditioning

If your mobile home has no existing ductwork, the ductless air conditioning unit is a functional solution to your AC needs. Much like the central split-system air conditioning systems, ductless AC units require an outdoor unit and one or more indoor air handlers. What separates it from central air conditioning units is that air handlers are installed throughout your entire mobile home, with no need for ducts. Best of all, these freestanding handlers can often be controlled by individual thermostats.

Air conditioning installation in the Fredericksburg area

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