Look After Your Heating Oil During Flooding

When your home floods, chances are that preserving your heating oil isn’t exactly at the top of your priorities list – after all, there are a lot of things to worry about protecting in the event of a flood!

However, during flooding, it’s important to look after your heating oil – there may be an increase in water inside your heating tank, which can be dangerous. This is particularly true during the wintertime – when you have excess water inside your tank, it can easily freeze, causing problematic blockages that could effectively stop up your supply of heating oil.

So, how should you make sure that this doesn’t happen?

Check your tank. It’s important to monitor your tank for potential cracks and breaks, particularly around the supply pipe area, to ensure that no water has entered. You don’t want to get to the point where floodwater has entered your tank, that’s for sure! Frozen water is a surefire way to block your pipes, which can be costly and challenging to repair.

Move your tank to a safer location. If you can, during a flood, it’s always a great idea to move your tank & heating oil supply to a safer spot, such as on a raised platform of some kind.

Call in the pros. If you’re unsure of how to protect your heating oil during flooding, the best thing you could do is call an HVAC professional. This way, you can make 100% sure that your heating oil supply stays safe.

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